Privacy Policy

Dear customers,

Under and pursuant to article 13 of the Legislative Decree No 196 of June 30, 2003, relevant to the provisions on privacy protection, Caterina Mariani, owner of the right to process the personal details, wishes to inform you that your personal details obtained through our website (the “Website”) shall be processed for to the purposes listed here below:
a) to allow the business relations between customers and our company;
b) for administration purposes linked to the requirements of the customers, and to comply with the obligations of the law;
c) subject to your authorization, to register you to the “newsletter”;
d) to allow the correct submission of your purchasing order through our “Website”;
e) subject to your authorization, to allow marketing activities such as: sending advertising, information and promotional materials, as well as for marketing researches;
f) only in reference to the email address provided at the moment of the purchase of an item from our Website, to allow the direct sale of similar items or services (the so-called soft spam) under what is provided for in article 130 of the Code for Privacy Protection, subject to the customer’s faculty to deny said processing at any time.

1. Providing personal details for the purposes listed in a), b), and d) is optional; nevertheless, should you deny the authorization, our company shall be unable to implement your requests and initiate the contractual commitment.
Providing personal details for the purposes c), f), and g) is optional and their use is subject to your explicit authorization. Your denial shall entail the impossibility to be registered to our “newsletter”, and to the “club gioie di vita”; to receiving advertising and information materials, brochures and communications relevant to items, promotions and services offered by our company.

In relation to the advertising, promotional and information materials and/or brochures, please note that your authorization to process your personal details may be revoked any time selecting the box “delete”, found in a link included in the notifications sent.

2.  Your personal details shall be processed mainly through computer, electronic and in any case automatic tools, to guarantee your safety and the confidentiality of your details, in compliance with the provisions of the Code for Privacy Protection.
Please note that our company also uses customers’ IP addresses anonymously, to monitor the browsing of our Website.

5. The personal details provided shall be kept only for the time needed to guarantee the implementation of the services offered, unless they are needed longer in compliance with the existing regulations, also for tax purposes.
After this time, personal details shall become anonymous.
The authorization given to use personal details for marketing purposes may be revoked at any time with a request sent to the email address

6. In accordance with article 7 of the Code on Privacy Protection (Legislative Decree No. 196/2003), besides the information listed here, customers have the right to receive confirmation at any time of the existence of their details in our files, even though they may not have been registered yet, as well as the existence of their communication in intelligible form;

Customers also have the right to receive confirmation of the following:
a) origin of their personal details;
b) purpose and modalities of data processing;
c) logics applied in the event the processing occurs via electronic tools;
d) personal details of the owner, of the persons in charge, and of the designated representative;
e) party or categories of parties to whom customers’ personal details may be forwarded or who may learn about them as designated representatives in the country, as persons in charge or appointees.

Customers also have the right to obtain the following:
a) updating, amendment or integration of their details;
b) cancelling, changing into anonymous form, of blocking the details processed breaching the law, including when details do not need to be kept for the purposes they have been collected or later processed;
c) confirming that the actions of which at a) and b) have been communicated, also in their contents, to those to whom such details have been forwarded, barred the event in which such action proves impossible or entails the use of means obviously excessive compared to the right covered.

Finally, customers have the right to deny, fully or in part:

a)     For valid reasons, the processing of their personal details, even though pertaining to the purpose of their collection;
b)     The processing of their personal details that would cause the mailing of advertising materials, direct sale, marketing researches or business communications.

The rights listed above may be asserted by emailing the person in charge of the processing of personal details at the following address: