The super-feminine Caterina Mariani bijoux and small accessories line was created in 2004 with the aim of presenting unique items, reinvented and reinterpreted by looking at items taken from the past. The brand’s creator and executor is Caterina Mariani who, relying on her considerable experience in fashion and on her tangible artistic soul, creates two collections a year, inspired by a mix of retro styles, nature and by whatever each new season conveys. Entirely ‘Italian hand made’, from its enamelling, assembly up to its packaging, each creation is made individually by the same hands; in fact no item is exactly the same as another… in Caterina’s own words:  “each creation has its own history, dynamism, which is based on an always different idea… to have a Caterina Mariani item is like picking a daisy in a meadow, none is the same as another, and this makes it feel even more yours”. The themes of all collections are inspired by nature: plants, flowers, insects or small animals, and the materials used are brass, nickel-free, resins, glass, Swarovskis, plastics, filigrees, enamelled chains, for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, small customized accessories such as clutch bags and headbands. Some are unique pieces, also on request.